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Urban Institute Joins Cooperative Effort with the City of Seoul to Advance Research on Social Innovation and Human Development (Press Release)
Urban Institute

Today, the Urban Institute announced a cooperative effort with the City of Seoul, Korea, to advance research on social innovation and human development in Seoul. The effort will launch with a workshop in Seoul to identify key research themes, discuss data and methodological approaches, and outline a research program.

Publication Date: September 24, 2014Availability: HTML

1 in 3 Americans with a Credit File Has Debt Reported in Collections (Press Release)
Urban Institute

Thirty-five percent of adults have a debt in collections reported in their credit files, an Urban Institute study shows. Nevada, hit hard by the housing crisis, tops the list of states: 47 percent of people with a credit file have reported debt in collections. The state also has the highest average collections debt. Twelve other states (11 in the South) and the District of Columbia top 40 percent.

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Urban Institute Honors the Legacy of Retiring Board of Trustees Chairman Joel Fleishman (Press Release)
Urban Institute

The Urban Institute salutes the leadership of Joel L. Fleishman, who is retiring as chairman of its board of trustees. The board has selected Vice Chair Jamie Gorelick, a former deputy U.S. attorney general and a partner at the law firm WilmerHale, to succeed Fleishman as chair.

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Most Nonprofits Report Federal Funding Cuts and Serious Problems with Government Contracts (Press Release)
Urban Institute

Nearly half of all nonprofit organizations, in 2013, reported a decrease in revenue from federal agencies, and one in five said their experience with federal, state, and local government contracting was worse in 2012 than in previous year, a new Urban Institute study concludes.

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New Urban Institute Report Looks at Who Pays for Rape Exams, Finds Some Victims Face Barriers to Getting Help (Press Release)
Urban Institute

The Violence Against Women Act of 2005 requires that sexual assault victims must not be required to file law enforcement reports in order to receive free exams. This study aimed to examine how states are meeting these goals. We found victim compensation funds are by far the largest funder of exams across the country. In the 19 jurisdictions included in case studies, victims generally received free exams without having to report if they did not want to. However, barriers to even accessing the exam prevent some victims from seeking help. 

Publication Date: May 14, 2014Availability: HTML

Robert Santos Elected V.P. of American Statistical Association (Press Release)
Urban Institute

Urban Institute chief methodologist Robert Santos has been elected a vice president of the American Statistical Association.

Publication Date: May 14, 2014Availability: HTML

Mixed Results from Public Supports for Low-Income, Unemployed Parents (Press Release)
Urban Institute

How effectively do federal supports help children and families, especially low-income ones, during times of parental unemployment? A new report looked for answers by tracking seven programs during the Great Recession and beyond.

Publication Date: May 08, 2014Availability: HTML

For Many State and Local Workers Public Pensions Offer Little Retirement Security, Urban Institute Study Shows (Press Release)
Urban Institute

That shiny retirement nest egg may not be so golden for the nation’s 19 million state and local government workers, an exhaustive Urban Institute analysis of 660 state-administered pension plans shows.

Publication Date: April 30, 2014Availability: HTML

Capitol Hill Economist and Data Visualization Expert Jonathan Schwabish to Join Urban Institute (Press Release)
Urban Institute

Jonathan Schwabish, an economist with the Congressional Budget Office, will join the Urban Institute on May 7 as a senior researcher and data visualization expert. A leading voice calling for clarity and accessibility in research, Schwabish will boost the Institute's capabilities in data visualization and conduct research on older workers, people with disabilities, food security, immigration policy, and microsimulation modeling at Urban's Income and Benefits Policy Center.

Publication Date: April 21, 2014Availability: HTML

Offenders, Former Sex Workers, Law Enforcement Detail Inner Workings of US Underground Commercial Sex Trade in New Urban Institute Study (Press Release)
Urban Institute

The underground commercial sex economy (UCSE) generates millions of dollars annually, yet investigation and data collection remain under resourced. Our study aimed to unveil the scale of the UCSE in eight major US cities-Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Seattle, San Diego, and Washington, DC. Across cities, the UCSE's worth was estimated between $39.9 and $290 million in 2007, but decreased since 2003 in all but two cities. Interviews with pimps, traffickers, sex workers, child pornographers, and law enforcement revealed the dynamics central to the underground commercial sex trade-and shaped the policy suggestions to combat it.

Publication Date: March 12, 2014Availability: HTML

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