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War and Taxes (Softcover Book)
Kirk J. Stark, Joseph J. Thorndike, Steven A. Bank

The history of America’s tax system can be written largely as a history of America’s wars. During World War II, Americans were urged to ration food, raise money, and accept higher taxes. After September 11, we were given tax cuts and asked to shop. Has the United States broken a noble tradition of fiscal sacrifice with the current, unprec [...]

Published: April 29, 2008More information on this title

Kenneth Finegold, Alan Weil

The welfare reform debate is not over, despite declarations of success from many politicians and commentators. Welfare Reform: The Next Act draws on six years of in-depth research to explore the implications of 1996's welfare reform . The authors examine all facets of the new system: its effects on family structure and children, it [...]

Published: March 01, 2002More information on this title

Carol J. De Vita, Rachel Mosher-Williams

Because nonprofit and voluntary organizations are primary vehicles of citizen action and participation, they serve as important mechanisms to understand how the needs of children can be heard in the policymaking process and how the quality of children’s lives can be improved. In Who Speaks for America’s Children, leading experts in childr [...]

Published: September 01, 2001More information on this title

Robert H. Haveman, Demetra Smith Nightingale

The debate about replacing welfare with work neglects some important facts. Most people on welfare can work, but many of the jobs available to them pay too little to support a family. Other welfare recipients have such serious problems that they cannot work. Reform can be effective only if it makes work pay--with supplements for the lowes [...]

Published: January 01, 1995More information on this title

Work-Life Policies (Softcover Book)
Ann C. Crouter, Alan Booth

Workplace policies that provide flexible scheduling, leave for caregiving, and assistance with child care likely benefit employers in recruitment, retention, productivity, and health care costs. Their benefits to employees seem obvious. Researchers, however, are just beginning to move beyond correlational, descriptive studies into rigorou [...]

Published: October 21, 2008More information on this title

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